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History of Enterprise InStankoServis, OOO

Historically it developed that Odessa was and is one of the main centers of machine-tool construction of the former USSR. In Odessa the head enterprises of the Soviet stankoprom specializing in machines with ChPU and robotics - plant of Kirov, Micron, SKBARS, Vega, OZRSS, UKRNIISIP, the scientific research institute Speed, the scientific research institute Storm, the scientific research institute Diamond, etc. were based. And it is natural that the first machines with Numerical Program Control in the former USSR began to be developed and made in Odessa. On it, after disorder of the Union, in Odessa there was a powerful school of sciences and production base on development and production of machines with ChPU. When there came collapse of the USSR not all designers and production workers went to trade. . As the beginning of works in formation of today's Odessa machine-tool constructing company "Instankoservice" it is possible to consider the end of 1992 when at the enterprise the first drawings of future equipment and the first lines of the programs used today in modern machines of production "Instankoservice" began to appear. Then the company still was called - "The Odessa engineering center". In those days drawings became still a pencil, - ah only dreamed of CAD, and did not even guess the Internet when the main computing park - it were EU-1030, EU-1060 cars, etc. the borrowing whole halls! The first programs for machines with ChPU, at the enterprise, were developed under the Soviet KP580BM80A processor (then data were stored on magnetic tapes), then under the Z80 processor (where already appeared, very convenient at that time, five-inch diskettes), and then, the decision to translate all main PO (Software) for a platform of IBM-PC was in the mid-nineties made. At that time the platform of IBM-PC very actively moved ahead in our market and today it occupies nearly 100% in the market of industrial and commercial computers. That is, the decision on the transfer of PO to this platform was the correct and important decision in development of the enterprise. Within 92 - 99 years at the enterprise works on creation of modern control systems for milling machines were generally conducted with ChPU. These works were conducted with assistance of several Odessa scientific research institutes and plants. During this time several experimental machines on which the developed ChPU systems were fulfilled and debugged were made. The first commercial machine was made in 1999 and put into operation in 2000 in the Odessa advertizing company "Sign-Service", it was the machine of the M1 model. This machine was the first milling cutter with ChPU in the southeast of Ukraine put into operation at the furniture and advertizing enterprises and the first milling machine with ChPU of an easy series of production of the CIS put in commercial, but not into experimental operation. The machines released today are the fourth generation from the first commercial machine, apart from experimental machines 92-99 gv. During creation of new models of machines all experience of production of the previous models is considered.


Historical reports of company InStankoServis, OOO.