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  • Membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A
Membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A
  • Membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A
  • Membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A
  • Membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A
  • Membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A
  • Membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A

Membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A

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The membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A is intended for production of furniture dimension lumber and finger plates by method of hot vacuum pressing of decorative films of PVH on preparations from MDF. This technology allows rather simply, quickly and cheap to receive ready furniture facades with high decorative properties.

Dimensions (DKHSHKHV) 2830x1830x1400 mm
Working zone 2200х1100 mm
Power consumption 28 kW
Average consumed
to 14 kWh
The created pressure to 9,5 tons/sq.m
Weight 480 kg

The technology of lamination of PVC film is one of the most popular technologies of commercial production of furniture facades. The world furniture industry successfully uses it more than 30 years in production of serial furniture.

All technological process of creation of decorative facades from MDF, with putting PVC of film:

  1. Creation of base of necessary preparations and drawings - in the Fasad-Expert program or in the normal graphic editor (AutoCAD, CorelDraw etc.).
  2. Production of preparations from MDF:
    - on miller with ChPU
    - on miller with Automatic Change of the Tool
    - or on manual copier.
  3. Film PVC imposing on preparation (lamination), on vacuum laminatsionny press.

Features of membrane and vacuum press of VPL-27.A:

Automatic short circuit of vacuum chamber (pneumocarbines) - provides more high efficiency. Short circuit and disconnection of vacuum chamber, takes no more than 1 sec.! That is, on each cycle of pressing it is saved on 20-30 sec., in comparison with press, with manual short circuit of vacuum chamber. Application of pneumo-carbines improves quality of sealing of vacuum chamber. During the work with use of membrane (at shponirovaniye) need for adjustment of carbines as at application of pneumo-carbines, the effort of interlocking remains to constants for all operating modes disappears and does not depend on thickness of membrane or film. Besides, working conditions of the operator considerably improve, and the probability of operational injuries decreases.

Infrared heating elements - heat film, but not air. Thanks to heating the infrared radiation, but not hot air, provides good uniformity of warming up of film. High rated capacity of heating elements provides fast warming up of film that reduces running cycle of pressing. Pulse inclusion only in the course of heating leads to considerable economy of the electric power.

The vacuum pump - One of the most important components of vacuum press is the vacuum pump. Speed and quality of press fitting of material depends on the pump. Our company completes vacuum the press of the VPL-27.A and VPL.27.AS series with the Italian pumps of the BGS GENERAL SRL company.

The folding heater - provides reduction of the used floor space, in comparison with membrane and vacuum press with the recoil heater.

Availability of observation ports - provides convenient supervision over pressing process.

Automatic lowering of cover of the heater - provides more high efficiency, improves working conditions of the operator and reduces probability of operational injuries.

The pneumatics - use of the high-quality pneumoequipment, provides long and fault-free operation of the machine.

Elastic membrane - membrane and vacuum the press of VPL-27.A are optionally delivered with elastic heat-resistant membrane which use allows to make shponirovaniye wood and artificial veneer, and also allows to make pasting of flat and curvilinear elements of furniture and other products.

Guarantee - 1 year.
Training - on production base of the producer (one working day).

Information is up-to-date: 06.02.2018

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